Sunday, April 20, 2008

Best Pirate / Goat scene ever

Hey look, another goat comercial! Honda

Are goats finally starting to get the attention from Hollywood they deserve? Time will tell.

"Mom" at Grand Lodge

In Oregon (and Washington) there is a strange and beautiful thing called the McMenamins Kingdom. In this vast conglomerate of bars, reclaimed theater and old hotels, exists The Grand Lodge - an old Masonic Retirement Home that has been remade into a hotel / movie theater / restaurant curiosity. At one time, orphans were also housed in this building, but were moved out when they began to annoy the oldies. Still, there exists a painting, emulating a photograph (which I hope to get a copy of sometime to add to my collection of "goat cart pics") of Mom - one of the caretakers of these orphans - riding her goat cart above the lodge. Fantastic. You can buy teeshirts of this, and the image is featured on the Grand Lodge brochure.

Pave D'Jardis

Origin: France
Price: $13.99 / lb.
Description: If you are looking for a clean, somewhat creamy, somewhat crumbly cheese with only a hint of goat flavor, this is the cheese for you. It smells stronger than it is. Coats and melts in your mouth a bit like butter with a very gentle grittiness. I found it described as "fudgy" here which is a good adjective.


I am lucky enough to live just down the street from New Season's Market. Most of the cheese I taste test and review here was bought there.