Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Exploding kittens and goats

So perhaps you have heard of a certain card game Kickstarter that has gone balistic.

I have enjoyed reading this crowd-funding-that-could story from a marketing and fundraising viewpoint. The people involved (two designers and a famous comic artist) were very smart to focus on very few but very clear perks (donate $20 bux to make this card game, and you get a copy of this card game.) They may have set their initial sights too low ($10,000) and didn't plan out enough "stretch goals" (in case, like it did, the campaign surpassed it's goal.)

  • Apparently, they reached their initial goal in 8 minutes. 
  • Then, over 120,000 donors broke a Kickstarter record. 
  • And they have now made over $5M.

I have also enjoyed watching from a goat supporter's standpoint. Goats have been in it to win it from the beginning, with an all-seeing Goat wizard able to help you, and later, the release of a goat butt that lets you see into the future.

(Granted, that is a mountain goat, not a true goat, but who's counting.)

The group was taking suggestions for other cards on Facebook recently, and I added a few caprine ideas. Who wants to bet if there will be more goaty magic to come?

Monday, February 2, 2015


Goats take over the Superbowl.

First off, in the Alternative Offering of Puppybowl, five goats served as the cheerleaders.

From Puppybowl Facebook

According to this article, "...four of the baby goats; Charlie, Murphy, Speckles and Sammy, were born and raised at Molasses Hill Farm here (in New Jersey). The other baby goat, Cookie, was born at the Guenther Farm, also in Clinton Township."

Then, the main reason people watch the actual game, as most people know, is for the commercials, and goats were to be had there as well:

Also, T Mobile's subteranian petting zoo:

 Anyone see any other goat sightings? Share them!