Friday, March 29, 2013

Goats + Coffee

Photo by Matt Bohlken

I received a text just the other day alerting me to the fact that there is a Goat Coffee House in Eau Clair, Wisconsin. They serve organic, fair trade coffee roasted in Duluth, MN.

There is also a Wild Goat Cafe in Kent, Ohio, The Goat Cafe in New Jersey, The Dancing Goat cafe in Vermont, The Giddy Goat in .... Australia! Nanny Goat's Cafe and Feed Bin was featured on a Restaurant Impossible episode in February 2013.

By the way, did you know that some people credit goats for discovering coffee? One version of the legend speaks of a herdsman in Ethiopia who led his goats to an outcropping where they dined on berries off the bushes that grew there. Soon he realized he had discovered something magical, as the goats got up on their hind legs and began to dance around! He had in fact found the coffee cherry tree (did you know coffee beans are sometimes called cherries when they are fresh? They are!)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Vote For Doritos Commercial: Goat 4 Sale!

There is a real chance to be a part of bringing a NEW GOAT COMMERCIAL to air during the Superbowl! Just go to (you have to be on Face Book to vote). You can vote once per day online and on your mobile.

One of the issues with bringing animals into pop culture is the inevitable mistakes that will be made by those who don't know or those that don't care, about accuracy. I (of course) do not want to support animal abuse, or people treating animals unkindly. Goats, I am sure, would eat Doritos (and McDonalds formerly-happy meals). But if they were allowed to eat them a lot, I'll bet they would get sick. So don't feed your goat food that goats aren't built to eat (mainly brush like tree branches, leaves, hay, grain etc.)

One of the reasons for the myth "Goats will eat anything" is because they will pretty much put anything in their mouths.  It's one of the ways they explore their surroundings.