Saturday, March 8, 2014

UPDATE! Goat Simulator Arrives April 1!

In my last post, I noted that a video game created during a creative jam may or may not become available for public consumption....


"You Did It, Internet. Goat Simulator Is A Real Thing That You Can Buy." - via Kotaku

Now I will admit, and fully realize, this is not a PR coup.  It does not tell a very truthful story about Capra hircus. For instance:

- Goats do not survive when hit by cars. Do not, in real life, hit goats with cars.
- Goats do not survive long falls, even onto trampolines. Do not drop goats in real life, even onto trampolines.
- Goats do not  have tongues that stick to things like axes. Do not try to get your goat to lick an ax and carry it around.

So I guess as far as defeating goat stereotypes, this video game isn't going to score many points (I will say I didn't see the goat in the game eating any garbage.)

But then again, Jam City Rollergirls didn't depict roller derby with complete accuracy either.

And just look at how much fun this will be! People are really looking forward to it. At least, the Goatmaiden is!