Monday, August 30, 2010

Goat Commerce!

I did a quick Facebook search for goat-related bars, restaurants and other industries. This is what I have found thus far:

An online gift shop called Get Yer Goat
A yoga studio and art gallery called Green Goat Gallery in NC (note: NC and SC seem to have a good amount of goat named things)
Thirsty Goat in FL
Simply The Goat - a bar in OH
The Surfing Goat Dairy in HI
The Goat radio station in Alberta Canada
Artois the Goat - a romantic movie about a man who "embarks on an epic quest to create the greatest goat cheese the world has ever known"
Green Goat screenprinting
Goat Island Restaurant - I think this is in TX
Goat and Compass tavern NC
Space Goat comic agency and production studio - I think they're in Seattle, WA
The Girl & Goat restaurant - in Chicago - that is run by winner of the show "Top Chef"
The Blue Goat concert venue in KS
The Flying Goat restaurant

And finally, a Facebook page dedicated to this commercial:

The Daily Goat

Ok sorry if this is a repost, but this is a parody news blog that has been around for a while.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Oh yes. The cryptozoological world is afire with GOATMAN! Not really, but I found this on Wikipedia and had to post. Akin to Bunnyman, he attacks people with an ax. It is a real urban legend, based in Maryland.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Meet Hilda - from the book The Cole Family Christmas. Hilda is also the spokesgoat for

I thought perhaps Hilda was the first spokesgoat, or the only one. But then I turned to the ol' internet, and lo and behold, look who I found!

Gloria, the spokesgoat for Celebrity Dairy. Met her on Facebook. She's in an open relationship LOL.

There is Gruff the ecologically friendly mountain goat that tells people to Recycle Stuff at Quad/Graphics.

Pricilla, Happy Goats Soap's spokesgoat. She's also a blogger. (Many goat farms have a "herd queen" that farmers use as their spokesgoat.)

Nanny, the spokesgoat for Rikki's Refuge animal rescue (who says Oreo Cookies are the best diet for goats).

Caprina, the spokesgoat (and new name) of the company formerly known as Canus.

Frank the goat on Livejournal (a mascot - not a spokesgoat.)

Wisconsin Meat Hall of Fame

Yes - Wisconsin has a meat industry hall of fame although it sadly does not contain photos of the largest steak or the tastiest chicken. It's mostly a bunch of guys (and a few gals), but it does include Oscar Meyer, the couple who started Johnsonville Brats, and Bob Uker "for advertising meat via play-by-play radio announcing of major league baseball".

Still, no mention of goat meat. Perhaps, someday...

Thursday, August 12, 2010