Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service

MOSES runs an organic university - you can view the online course structure here:

4. Organic Sheep and Goat Production
Whether for milk or meat, full time or part time, small ruminants may be a good fit for your operation. Veterinarian and producer Ann Wells, DVM, and Iowa goat dairy producer, Merle Steines, will share their farm-based knowledge and best practices for successful organic production. Although dairy goats, dairy sheep, lamb and goat meat systems are all unique, there are many commonalities that will be discussed in this session. Ann has had her own sheep flocks and goat herds, and has also done a lot of research and writing on small ruminant systems. She has also done work specifically on meat goats. Merle and his wife have milked a small herd of certified organic goats for over 20 years, and have utilized a wide diversity of markets. General herd and flock management will be discussed, including a look at the elements of successful pasture systems, feeding systems and how to manage your animals’ nutritional needs. Learn about herd/flock size issues and discuss the economics of different types of systems. Explore facilities you may need and various marketing strategies. A good amount of time will be spent on the details of successful reproduction and organic animal health management. Ann will detail parasite management strategies generated from research she has undertaken.

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