Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bok Bock

Beer + Goats = happy Goatmaiden!

Many times, if you are a peruser of beer labels, you may notice a picture of a goat on certain kinds of beers. Examples include:

So - what is Bok (or Bock or Dopplebok) beer? It's a German word and could have originally come from the medieval town of Einbeck, which was known for its brewing. Bocks are high alcohol dark lagers that historically were created by monks (who have a surprising history of brewing - see this link to world famous beer expert - don't laugh at his name - Michael Jackson's webpage) and was a high calorie beverage many times drank during colder months. Bock is also German for a male goat; thus the goat image on many "bock" beers.

- Maibock is a lighter bock beer brewed in the spring (mai = May)

- Doppelbock is a heavier, higher-alcohol beer, considered "liquid bread" by some. According to Wikipedia, the original was called Salvator and so breweries give their Doppelbocks names ending in - tor in homage (such as Celebrator above.)

- Eisbock (ice bock) takes Doppelbock, freezes it, and takes out the water. Wow.

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