Monday, July 20, 2009


Swissland Mini-golf

I was very impressed that for the last two Sundays, there have been goat photos in the Wisconsin State Journal. This week it was for Al Johnson's restaurant (which I've already covered in this blog) and the week before it was Swissland Miniature Golf course which I had not heard of. In the article "Charting a Course," the author wrote about the 18 best holes in the Madison area. Holes 2,612 and 10 of Swissland in New Galarus made it onto their list.

Of course, the most important part about this golf course is Hershey and Marshmallow, two goats who live next to the course. I have not visited but apparently you can buy ice cream cones filled with food for them. (Note-New Galarus also hosts Heidi-fest which features goats prominently. I missed it this year, but hope to attend in 2010!)

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