Friday, August 28, 2009

The Saga of Brett the Goat

In my sordid past, I was a high school student in Winona, MN, and it comes as no surprise that one of the strangest stories to come from the Viking Farve tone poem (sorry!) is out of that river town.

Seems a 21 year old girl along with a dude and a kid went to Tires Plus to get a belt replaced in her car. There, she confided in an employee that there was a goat in her trunk. Not only that, but when the guy opened the trunk, he found the goat was painted purple and gold (Minnesota Viking football colors) and had former-Green Bay Packer-turned Viking Brett Farve's #4 shaved on his side. The goat was only one year old.

Conflicting reports exist as to whether or not the goat was actually going to be sacrificed, but kudos to the repair guy for reporting the incident and rescuing the goat!

First reported in the famed Winona

The goat, now named Brett, is going to a new home. In Wisconsin.

Next up-a report on the "goat sanctuary" (some day.)

12/05/2009 -- UPDATE! Check out this page for information on Brett's home:

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Regina said...

I saw this on our local news channel in Iowa and commented that regardless of the women's adamantly saying that she was going to have it butchered that it was inhumane to leave a goat in a trunk let alone paint it with what could possibly be toxic dyes. I was mortified that poor goat had to go through that. I am glad that it has found a foster home and possibly a good home.