Monday, November 8, 2010

More Bock Beer

For my Bday my honey gifted me with an 8-pack of Fighting Billy Bock Beer (yes, the beer comes in an 8 pack - just like "Lazy Mutt." Eight, by the way, just so happens to be my favorite number!).

Wow, kinda cool scan of the bottle cap. Anyway, I love beer that has a story on the label:

"HELP DISPEL THE CURSE The curse can easily be dispelled by showing a sincere fondness to Billy Bock. It fights only to maintain its dignity. What does "=" sign mean? It explains the relationship between bock and taste. Simply put, Bock = Taste. Chill Billy Bock to 45 degrees (7 C), call over three of your best buddies an help dispel the curse."

The beer is from Minhas brewery in Monroe, WI.

Yuengling (yingling) Brewery, the oldest operating brewery in the US, reintroduced one of their old bocks. You can read about it here. And get a tee shirt here!

I also found this blog post, which has some nice bock images.

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