Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goat who thinks its a dog

(click photo for link to full story)

Wow. "The Three Amigos" have been adopted, and a law in Texas has been challenged thanks to media coverage and public outcry at the caprine portion of this threesome being threaten with a livestock auction.

"In Texas it's illegal to harbor stray livestock" - it states in the article, and so whereas the Great Dane was allowed to stay in a shelter, the goat was seized by authorities. Can animals of the same species be classified as livestock OR pets, depending on the circumstance? Just because it has hooves, that doesn't mean it's being raised for meat. And that aparently is what has been determined in this case - hooray! The owner of the strays came forward and signed them over to their new owners, so all seems to be right in the world, at least for these three.

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