Friday, August 13, 2010


Meet Hilda - from the book The Cole Family Christmas. Hilda is also the spokesgoat for

I thought perhaps Hilda was the first spokesgoat, or the only one. But then I turned to the ol' internet, and lo and behold, look who I found!

Gloria, the spokesgoat for Celebrity Dairy. Met her on Facebook. She's in an open relationship LOL.

There is Gruff the ecologically friendly mountain goat that tells people to Recycle Stuff at Quad/Graphics.

Pricilla, Happy Goats Soap's spokesgoat. She's also a blogger. (Many goat farms have a "herd queen" that farmers use as their spokesgoat.)

Nanny, the spokesgoat for Rikki's Refuge animal rescue (who says Oreo Cookies are the best diet for goats).

Caprina, the spokesgoat (and new name) of the company formerly known as Canus.

Frank the goat on Livejournal (a mascot - not a spokesgoat.)

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