Monday, August 30, 2010

Goat Commerce!

I did a quick Facebook search for goat-related bars, restaurants and other industries. This is what I have found thus far:

An online gift shop called Get Yer Goat
A yoga studio and art gallery called Green Goat Gallery in NC (note: NC and SC seem to have a good amount of goat named things)
Thirsty Goat in FL
Simply The Goat - a bar in OH
The Surfing Goat Dairy in HI
The Goat radio station in Alberta Canada
Artois the Goat - a romantic movie about a man who "embarks on an epic quest to create the greatest goat cheese the world has ever known"
Green Goat screenprinting
Goat Island Restaurant - I think this is in TX
Goat and Compass tavern NC
Space Goat comic agency and production studio - I think they're in Seattle, WA
The Girl & Goat restaurant - in Chicago - that is run by winner of the show "Top Chef"
The Blue Goat concert venue in KS
The Flying Goat restaurant

And finally, a Facebook page dedicated to this commercial:

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