Monday, September 6, 2010

Iowa County Supports Goats!

Goats have more fun. I have proof. You will see no sheep in these pictures, except to cheer on the goats.

The Iowa County Fair in Mineral Point Wisconsin finished off its yearly run today, with a 1p.m. Goat Costume Class and Agility Contest. The La Mancha you see above was being driven by the reigning champion at the goat agility contest. He ended up finishing third this year. Two young ladies bested him.

The goats had to put at least two feet into the ball pit (you should have seen how some of them flew through the air when the balls startled them!), then up and down the teeter-totter (the course lady watched to make sure they had a gentle time of it), then through the weaving sticks, over a small hurdle, and up and down one last ramp. That last ramp was where I started to get annoyed at the course judge, who took to pushing the goats up and down from behind. If you were a goat being attacked by a mountain lion, wouldn't you freak if someone grabbed your hindquartes? I know I would! There was also a little joshing about one girl "cheating" by resorting to using positive reinforcement (in the form of grain) to lure her goat through the course. Hey. It worked.

This little goat - a miniature I believe, was the best at the course as a whole and ran it twice with two different handlers.

Finally, there was the Costume Class! This was just a few of the contestants. I felt the girl with the ladybug outfit and her bee goat should have gotten a prize - they were the first ones dressed, and her goat kept his deelie-boppers on the whole time. The winners were a boy dressed as a bee with his goat dressed as a field of flowers, a boy dressed as Merlin riding his goat (you can see him in the background - as far as I was concerned, he should not have won since his goat wasn't wearing anything - except a rider!) and the little Knight in the front with the green dragon goat who, I admit, was the cutest.

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